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Candidate Feedback

A few kind words from those in our network . . . 


“Carolyne, I wanted to write you a quick note. I kept this search profile as a reminder to write you a note. I wanted to tell you that I read through every one of these that I receive from you. In fact, I look forward to receiving new ones. Not so much because I am looking for a new job, but because they are just so awesome to read. If it is you that writes them and I assume it is , then bless you and if it is someone on your team then bless them. But these search emails are so outstanding and so well done. I love your creativity, your description, your passion and your emotion for these roles that you fill. It is not often that you come across people you do their so work beautifully and at such a extremely high level , that you stop and take notice, But you absolutely do that. I mean this is awesome. And I just wanted to tell you. No one compares to you. You set a bar so high, it is unachievable by anyone else.” – E. V.

“Hi Carolyne,  I woke up today saying…”where can I find a job that offers a Peruvian espresso rush!” 🙂  I LOVE the way you present opportunities…top notch!” – J.K.

“I look forward to reading your job openings like my nerd friends look forward to the next Game of Thrones novel. They are always engaging and tell the story of a rocket ship that just needs the right candidate to launch. I use them as inspiration when crafting my cover letters.” – K.S.

“I just wanted to pay you a compliment. Your company introductions and job descriptions are absolutely phenomenal. I find myself drooling over these write-ups! Every single one that has come in my inbox is always eye catching. Never seen such compelling company overviews and job descriptions! Wow!  Anyway, just wanted to compliment the professional and creative work on these!” – L.L.

“I’ve been receiving your posting for years. On occasion I have someone who I can refer to you. But I have to tell you I always get a smile from reading them. If you ever get bored of this recruiting business (that you are very good at), I see an author in the works with a big trilogy movie series!” – T.C.

“Your email pitches are just amazing and 10x better than anything I have ever seen. Head and shoulders above our competition. My colleagues get your emails too, and then they all talk about it and email each other back and forth about them.  The writing is just really incredible and memorable.” – S. J.

“I just wanted to say that you write the best job descriptions! It makes me want to apply for this job, join this team, meet these people, work with this CEO! Beautiful, compelling writing!” – K.W.

“I continue to be impressed by the manner and clarity you provide with your “Rockstar” opportunities. I receive regular, personalized updates from you and I have discovered that yours are the only ones I truly read, word for word, line by line. Your customer focus and client facing approach is by far the most intriguing and effective I have observed. And while I have not yet found a match to your opportunities, I continue to be highly interested in your services and your program. Your ability to brand the client’s needs and turn that branding into a true advertisement for the position…are unique and compelling. Thank you for continuing to include me in your distribution . . . I always learn something new from you.” – K.B.

“You. are. one. of. the. best. ad. writers. I. have. ever. encountered . . . This is fabulous! Just fabulous. I’m not a skills match, and can’t relocate. But I’d love to know the client company’s name when/if you can share it, so I can just follow their adventures. Hope you fill this one; it’d be very well deserved.” – D.M.

“I love reading your write ups. Awesome.” – M.P.

“I had to drop you a note to say — you have an incredible way of writing! Your set ups are amazing and fun to read!” – L.B.

“Wow, Carolyne, that has to be the most amazing teaser email ever! Well done!” – J.M.

“Just wanted you to know your job descriptions are great. I always like reading them because they are so well put together. I get about 5 to 10 emails like this every day and hands down y’alls are the best.” – R.W.

“Carolyne, Some pretty compelling rhetoric!” – A.J.

“As usual, a fabulous job spec. If recruiting gets dull, you should write a novel!” – M.B.

“Hey Carolyne, Quick note: not sure who writes up these descriptions – but wanted to let you know they are great . . . Steve Jobs – Norman Schwarzkopf – and the Trump all wrapped into one package. That is great stuff.” – R.W.

“Carolyne, We have not met. I am a 4 time tech CEO running companies from start up to $200 million in sales. I don’t even know how I got
on your list but I been receiving these emails for a few years. I just wanted to say that I have read a million of these “specs” over the years and this one is the best I have seen. All of the information is there but it is presented so well and is actually FUN to read! Keep up the great work! – M.B.

“I must say, this job description is one of the best written job ads I have read. It sells the company, CEO and vision; all without knowing anything more than it is a Cloud enabling strategy.” – J.S.

“Carolyne – your past few email have clearly caught my attention. Very rarely does a spec present the overall vision of the company and role well enough that it makes the impact relevant. Well done.” – D.B.

“Carolyne, you send me these all the time. But this one caught my attention because of the way it was worded. Something we could benefit from next time we ever have to write another executive summary about our company for investors.” – D.F.

“I was really inspired by that job description – it is rare to see job descriptions with such big and transformational objectives.” – S.B.

“Carolyne,  This recruiting email unexpectedly stirred up some interests from me. I am a GM, currently manage a 1000+ engineering organization across 9 international geos.  I am not looking for a job change and really am enjoying my work. There are many recruiting emails come my way, somehow, this one caught my attention. I am actually quite surprised about this myself.” – R.J.

“I have to commend you on your ability to script some amazing career opportunities. I get excited just by reading them, and will continue to pass along to my sphere of influence!” – R.G.

“Carolyne – If I may take the opportunity to thank you for the professionalism and timeliness you’ve displayed to this candidate. ANY response is rare. When working on senior level searches, you are wise to recognize that candidates may likely turn into clients as they staff their departments down the line. You are wise to have treated them with such respect. Thank you and best of luck in your search business.”  -G.S.

“Carolyne, You get my vote for BEST Search Consultant of the Year!  Your prospective candidate responsiveness is unparalleled. Your position qualification questionnaire is a real value add (it helped me see that I did not fully meet the position spec) and now your post selection process communication is just unheard of these days.  I imagine that you are very successful because you excel at what you do.  When I land, I will be thinking of working with you!” – J.C.

“Carolyne, I’ve been reading your recruiting messages over the years and I wanted to say that I like the approach you’ve taken.  I wish more recruiting read like yours!” – J. E.

“Carolyne, You are such a great copywriter!” – D.E.

“Dear Carolyne, I have been getting your mails for some time. I do receive a lot of mails and job postings from a number of executive job firms and headhunters – and yours is the only one that I read with interest and forward appropriately within my circles. You make the jobs sound so exciting (and I sure they really are!) and appealing – that its a pleasure to take action on these!” – P.B.

“Carolyne, privately I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that, since you added me to the mailing list, I very much enjoy reading your tell-it-like-it-is position briefs. Quite entertaining :-).” – S.S.