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Our Unique Approach

For over a decade and a half, MatchStar has successfully placed hundreds of VP, Director and C-level executives into core leadership positions at the most innovative, venture backed companies in the world. We are a semi-retained, performance driven executive search firm that overcomes the limitations of the fully retained search model – expensive fees, large deposits, limited candidates, and long lead times. MatchStar “de-risks” the process for fast high growth tech companies by:

  1. Employing a unique search methodology called “Iterative Profiling” – which combines state-of-the-art email targeting with traditional research based headhunting – resulting in a 90% agency placement rate.
  2. Leveraging a flexible “Fee for Performance” model, which minimizes upfront costs, pays on success, and eliminates replacement risk.
  3. Understanding the intimate challenges uniquely faced by earlier stage, high growth company CEOs and their Boards.

We are both functionally and domain agnostic, with a client base equally distributed across the United States. Additionally, MatchStar has conducted numerous engagements for overseas companies looking to establish a U.S. business footprint, as well as those looking to source U.S. based executes for overseas assignements.

Our Competitive Positioning

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