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"We approach research just like any online marketing company, with an emphasis on analytics, measured response rates, conversions, and retention metrics."

Adrian Harrison

Director of Research

Adrian joined Matchstar in 2012 to oversee Matchstar’s growing research group. He has a long history as a team lead and manager for companies specializing in multi-channel data applications/tools, including customized database research, call center analysis and metrics, Quality Assurance, and 3rd party vender management. Adrian supervised the central dispatch office for Airborne Express with a team of 50+ employees serving 14 locations, and oversaw a 40+ technical team for one of Concentrix’s lead U.S. call centers.

Adrian had been an independent consultant to Matchstar since 2008, helping streamline our unique research process and layer additional intelligence to Matchstar’s growing database. Adrian and his team’s focus is on identifying key candidates for target select headhunting, managing Matchstar’s database, and overseeing its large, proprietary referral network. Additionally, he plays a key role in the company’s marketing communications for open job positions, compensation statistics, and industry segment news.

Adrian received a B.S. in Business Management, with a concentration in Marketing, from Clemson University and currently lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife and three children. He is an avid tennis player, and can be found on weekend’s coaching his son’s soccer team.

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"Good executive search is the result of art and science. It requires a deep enough understanding of the role to be filled (the science) with the ability to identify the combination of personality traits, experience, character, and passion that will make that role a success (art). Carolyne has perfected that combination, making it a pleasure to work with her on both sides of the equation. She helps employers understand what it is they are really trying to do beyond just fill a slot or build a team, then seamlessly manages the angst, decision-making process, negotiation, and finish line with candidates. Unlike many others, Carolyne then stays involved – actively finding ways to make her candidates successful in the roles they have taken. It is a win-win for everyone involved and an old-fashioned approach to the most critical aspect of any business: people. You can’t go wrong working with her."Karen Wendel