10 Ways to Impress Candidates During and After the Interview

“If you leave the right impression, every candidate should WANT a second date!”

We always talk about the importance of a candidate impressing the team during an interview; but how well do WE – as the hiring company – focus on impressing the candidate?  If a hiring company decides to pass on a candidate, well, they probably will have little to zero effect on that person’s future success or failure. The candidate simply moves on.  But what about the reverse? 

When that candidate goes back into the market, he/she now has an impression of YOU!  And that impression – for better or worse – gets shared with others.  It certainly gets shared with competitors, particular if that candidate ends up competing with you directly. 

I’ve always said that:  “Even if you decide not to go on a second date with someone, you should always try to create an experience in which the other party wishes they could have that second date.”  This comes down to treating people on the backend with the same courtesy, respect, and attitude that you would give the lead rock star everyone hopes to hire. 

This posting from Insuranceournal.com hits on some very basic practices that will not only make everyone’s experience better, but will leave candidate’s whispering to their friends how much they “wished” it could have worked out.  Do YOU have a process designed for creating OUTGOING candidate goodwill? 

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