Current Searches

Examples of Recent CEO/President SearchesLocation
CEO – MarTech Company  Open Location in US
CEO - SaaS CompanyDurham, NC
CEO - SaaS Healthcare CompanyOrange County, CA
CEO – Consumer Products CompanySan Francisco, CA
CEO - Online Ticketing CompanyNew York, NY
President - BPO firmSanta Clara, CA
Examples of Recent Executive Leadership Searches (Reporting to the Board)Location
Managing Director - VC FundSilicon Valley, CA
Board of Directors - SaaS Healthcare CompanyOrange County, CA
Advisory Board MemberSilicon Valley, CA
Co-founder / VP Product for Drone DivisionSilicon Valley, CA
Co-Founder / COONew York City, NY
Examples of Recent Technology SearchesLocation
Chief Technology OfficerPasadena, CA
Chief Technology Officer / Head of EngineeringChicago, IL
Chief Technology Officer / Head of Technology Montreal, Canada
Chief Product OfficerSan Francisco, CA
SVP Software DevelopmentSeattle, WA
VP Engineering and Co-founderSilicon Valley, CA
VP Engineering and Software DevelopmentNew York, NY
Examples of Recent Sales SearchesLocation
Chief Revenue OfficerOrange County, CA
Chief Revenue OfficerNew York Area, NY
Chief Sales OfficerOpen Location, USA
Head of U.S. SalesSan Francisco, CA
SVP Global SalesOpen Location, USA
SVP Sales - Online AdvertisingSan Francisco, CA
SVP Sales - Healthcare Tech CompanyOpen Location, USA
VP Sales - SaaS and ServicesSan Francisco, CA
VP Sales OperationsSilicon Valley, CA
Examples of Recent Marketing SearchesLocation
Chief Marketing Officer Orange County, CA
Chief Marketing Officer / Product MarketingNorthern Virginia
Chief Marketing Officer/ Customer Acquisition Los Angeles, CA
Head of Growth & PartnershipsLos Angeles, CA
SVP Marketing and CommunityNew York, NY
VP Online Marketing & Lead GenerationNew York, NY
VP MarketingAustin, TX
VP MarketingLos Angeles, CA
VP MarketingSilicon Valley, CA
Examples of Recent Operations and Financial SearchesLocation
Chief Financial Officer - Social Media CompanyLos Angeles, CA
Chief Financial Officer - Solar CompanyMountain View, CA
Chief Operations OfficerLos Angeles, CA
SVP Global Customer Service Silicon Valley, CA
Executive Assistant to CEOSilicon Valley, CA