The Biggest Mistakes C-Level Candidates Make When Seeking A New Job

After interviewing a string of unprepared senior level executives for various jobs, I started wondering what was going on.”  


Building a relationship with a top notch recruiter should be looked upon as a long-term “investment.”  For sure, the time to build these relationships is when you DON’T need a job.  As a good friend of mine once said, “It’s hard to get insurance when your house is burning down!” The benefits are endless, not to mention those off-grid introductions to hiring execs and boards that may have a need, even though no formal position has been publicly launched.  Hence, with the right timing and connections (aka your recruiter buddy), such opportunities often equate to no competition, less negotiations, and better chemistry with the boss.  Although the author of this article accurate assesses the risk of c-level folks reaching out to recruiters unprepared (outdated resume, inconsistent social media profile, lack of research, etc.), I would add that such deficiencies could be mitigated by building that relationship early on.  A good recruiter can also become a friend and act as that intimate sounding board for helping you design your personal pitch, branding/messaging, and accompanying online support strategy.  Look at it as a down payment on future therapy sessions for figuring out your next move and the most optimal path for success.  Remember, there really isn’t much security in any role with any company – you’re in one day and out the next.  This is a hard reality we’ve seen countless times over and over.  So next time that irritating recruiter floods your email inbox, perhaps a quick, cordial, honey coated response would be a valuable 5-minute use of your time?  Who knows; tomorrow your home may be on fire!